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2017-18 Irish American Scholar


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2017-18 Irish American Scholar


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2017-18 Irish American Scholar


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2017-18 Irish American Scholar


IAS Application Information & Forms

Application Requirements 2021-2022

  • An IAS nomination form completed by a faculty member or advisor at their home institution.
  • A completed IAS application form
  • A copy of the applicant’s official academic transcript through the most recent fall semester.
  • Two letters of reference—one from the student’s academic advisor and one from a faculty member or administrator at the applicant’s home institution
  • A 500-word essay describing the student’s educational objectives while studying in Northern Ireland.
  • Additional requirements based on course of study as described below.

     NOTE: All application materials must be submitted as ONE COMPLETE PDF FILE via email on or before February 1, 2020 to Janna Wofford. 

Coursework and campus selection considerations:

  • IAS Program applicants should talk with their academic adviser or a study abroad coordinator to determine how participation in the IAS Program will affect progress toward their academic degree, particularly related to the use of credits completed in Northern Ireland.
  • All of the participating Northern Ireland institutions prefer applicants for the Fall semester, especially for education students considering attendance at Saint Mary’s University College or Stranmillis University College.  However, this is a preference and does not indicate that students will not be considered for the Spring semester.
  • Registration for specific classes will take place after a student arrives in Northern Ireland. Students should be flexible in selecting courses and should not assume that all desired courses will be offered during the time they are in Northern Ireland.
  • The University of Ulster (UU) has multiple campuses. Students attending UU are required to take all of their courses at one campus. Applicants should, therefore, confirm that all desired courses will be available through a single location.
  • At Belfast Metropolitan College students can generally take classes in only one subject field. International students can only take classes in Higher National Diploma (HND) or Foundation Degree (FD) tracks. Business/marketing students must attend for a full year.

Additional academic program notes:

  • Art: Students planning to study art must submit a portfolio of their work on CD with their application materials or arrange to upload the portfolio to the desired institution in Northern Ireland. Art students should have completed significant course work before applying.
  • Science or Math: Students planning to study science or math should have completed significant coursework in their field prior to studying in Northern Ireland.
  • Education: Education/Teaching is available only at Stranmillis or St. Mary’s. Preference is given to students who have some in-classroom experience. Spring semester in Northern Ireland includes an in-school placement. Education students must obtain a background check and bring the results to Northern Ireland.
  • Music: Students interested in studying a musical instrument will be directed to the University of Ulster, McGee and will be required to pay extra fees not covered by the tuition/fee waiver.

Program selection and placement:

  • Selection and placement of students is done by the institutions in Northern Ireland in consultation with the executive director of the APCU.
  • The selection committee will consider a student’s field of study to see if there are matching courses in Northern Ireland. Students who cannot advance their studies in a chosen field or who have not completed a sufficient number of courses in their major will not be accepted. The committee will also consider a student’s interest in co-curricular activities, particularly those that relate to the student’s field of study.
  • Qualified applicants who are not accepted may be put on a reserve list and offered a placement if another student declines. Applicants who are accepted will be notified in March and must accept or decline their offer by April 1.
  • Students will receive follow-up information from their school in Northern Ireland in late spring or early summer. Placements are final and are not subject to negotiation. Accepted students must complete all required paperwork from their assigned school in Northern Ireland as requested.





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