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Strategic Resources

The APCU has compiled a list of strategic and tactical resources that can help to inform your planning and decision-making related to the re-opening of your campus for the fall and beyond. This information will be updated as new information from multiple sources becomes available. Please check back on a regular basis for items that can support your work.

Wednesday, September 29 2021

Campus Technology has published a guide to assist faculty members with the process of taking a traditional face-to-face course and putting it online. The guide walks readers through six points to consider when putting courses online: Planning, Content, Platform, Administration, Analytics, and Improvement: Access

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Sunday, September 19 2021

As you arrange and execute your 2021-22 initiatives, ACE wants to equip you with resources to support student mental health during COVID-19 and beyond. This brief identifies major strategies for leaders to consider, including consistent and clear communications with students. Access.

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Saturday, August 28 2021

Research by the McKinsey Global Institute has looked at the kind of jobs that will be lost, as well as those that will be created, as automation, AI, and robotics take hold. And it has inferred the type of high-level skills that will become increasingly important as a result.1 The need for manual and physical skills, as well as basic cognitive ones, will decline, but demand for technological, social and emotional, and higher cognitive skills will grow. Access.

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Tuesday, August 17 2021

In fall 2020, a survey was conducted by Every Learner Everywhere of 56 instructors at 12 of the organization's "Lighthouse" institutions—colleges and universities serving large numbers of Black, Latinx, Indigenous and poverty-impacted students. According to the survey, 96 percent of faculty agreed that the technology helped them improve student learning and allowed them to better monitor student progress and hold individual students accountable for engaging in class. Access.

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Friday, July 30 2021

The global life sciences industry has been on the rise, growing more rapidly than ever over the past decade—well before the pandemic struck. In fact, its trajectory only accelerated throughout 2020 and into early 2021—with demand for its products surging and access to capital continuing to greatly expand in both periods. This report offers insight into this emerging sector of the economy that is creating numerous opportunities for college graduates and generating demand for new academic programs that support life sciences research. Access.

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