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Strategic Resources

The APCU has compiled a list of strategic and tactical resources that can help to inform your planning and decision-making related to the re-opening of your campus for the fall and beyond. This information will be updated as new information from multiple sources becomes available. Please check back on a regular basis for items that can support your work.

Wednesday, September 29 2021

Campus Technology has published a guide to assist faculty members with the process of taking a traditional face-to-face course and putting it online. The guide walks readers through six points to consider when putting courses online: Planning, Content, Platform, Administration, Analytics, and Improvement: Access

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Sunday, September 19 2021

As you arrange and execute your 2021-22 initiatives, ACE wants to equip you with resources to support student mental health during COVID-19 and beyond. This brief identifies major strategies for leaders to consider, including consistent and clear communications with students. Access.

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Saturday, August 28 2021

Research by the McKinsey Global Institute has looked at the kind of jobs that will be lost, as well as those that will be created, as automation, AI, and robotics take hold. And it has inferred the type of high-level skills that will become increasingly important as a result.1 The need for manual and physical skills, as well as basic cognitive ones, will decline, but demand for technological, social and emotional, and higher cognitive skills will grow. Access.

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Tuesday, August 17 2021

In fall 2020, a survey was conducted by Every Learner Everywhere of 56 instructors at 12 of the organization's "Lighthouse" institutions—colleges and universities serving large numbers of Black, Latinx, Indigenous and poverty-impacted students. According to the survey, 96 percent of faculty agreed that the technology helped them improve student learning and allowed them to better monitor student progress and hold individual students accountable for engaging in class. Access.

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Friday, July 30 2021

The global life sciences industry has been on the rise, growing more rapidly than ever over the past decade—well before the pandemic struck. In fact, its trajectory only accelerated throughout 2020 and into early 2021—with demand for its products surging and access to capital continuing to greatly expand in both periods. This report offers insight into this emerging sector of the economy that is creating numerous opportunities for college graduates and generating demand for new academic programs that support life sciences research. Access.

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Monday, June 28 2021

Steptoe and Johnson just released this article addressing the question: Can our institution legally implement a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for students and/or employees?  Like all pandemic-related questions, the guidance for best practices as it relates to mandatory vaccines continues to evolve, though newly released guidance from the EEOC offers some clarity regarding employees.  Still, with various bodies from both the state and federal levels weighing in on these questions, there are significant unresolved questions.  Access.

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Monday, June 28 2021

Higher education governing boards run the gamut in terms of higher education size and sector served. However, they all have one common denominator: one or more staff members who perform the myriad tasks necessary for said boards to function. The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) has conducted the AGB Survey of Board Professionals from 1991 to the present in order to better understand their changing roles over time. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred AGB to conduct a separate 2020 survey of board professionals about how the pandemic has affected their work and life.   Access

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Thursday, May 27 2021

The APCU's newest Strategic Partner, Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC, has just posted an alert about the availability of an extended Q&A from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”). The Q&A emphasizes that students with disabilities must continue to receive appropriate accommodations even within virtual settings. Further, even as the pandemic necessitates the continued use of novel teaching environments, the responsibility of institutions to investigate, resolve and ameliorate instances of harassment and discrimination is not diminished, through some alteration of process may be permitted. Access

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Tuesday, May 25 2021

As schools prepare for post-pandemic campus life, many students will return to campus in a state of depression or with feelings of stress or anxiety. However, over 60% of the higher education attendees from TimelyMD's webinar, Gen Ztressed: Student Mental Health in the New Now, said that they felt less than prepared to support student mental health on their campuses this fall. Read the recommendations a panel of higher education experts shared on how to support student health and well-being moving forward. Access

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Friday, April 30 2021

This interesting article by Rick Gaumer, a former college and tech company CFO and one of the principals at Academic Innovators, focuses on how the lack of liquidity is preventing colleges and universities from re-engineering their business model and academic offerings and identifies several potential financing options that might be available to provide the funding required to support strategic plan execution. Access.

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Wednesday, April 28 2021

Lack of funds. It’s the No. 1 obstacle that blocks college and university administrators from providing students with the resources and services they need to thrive. In higher education, funds are hard to come by, but the requests for budget allocations are plentiful. Enter the hottest buzzword of the moment – stimulus funds.  Hear from the experts on how to secure stimulus funds to meet the needs of your students and sustain initiatives in future academic years. From what funds can be used for to how to access funds, learn the facts on what you need to know and gain insights on how to advocate for programs that best serve the needs of your students, by hearing directly from colleagues and industry experts. Access

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Wednesday, April 28 2021

NAICU has released its first-of-its-kind national report assessing the economic and community impact of private, nonprofit higher education.  Specifically, the report focuses on the economic, social and cultural vitality that is added to communities, regions and the nation by our institutions. The data in the report, coupled with your own institutional data and anecdotes, tell a convincing story about the important role our institutions, students, graduates, faculty, and communities will play as we emerge from the pandemic and move as a nation from relief to recovery, and reinforce the need for continued investment in our sector. (Note that this is a large file requiring time to download/view. Access.

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Wednesday, March 17 2021

Many institutions of higher education recognize the need to transform their educational and business models in ways that can help drive student success. One way to do this may be forming a partnership with one or more other institutions. The Transformational Partnerships Fund (TPF) supports colleges and universities interested in exploring partnerships that could fundamentally improve how they operate and serve students — especially students of color, students from low-income families, and other underserved populations. Access.

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Monday, March 15 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the pressures that higher-education institutions face. Even some of the most notable and stable institutions are experiencing significant declines in tuition and auxiliary revenues as well as increasing budget shortfalls. A transformation approach that enables institutions to operate more flexibly and resiliently in the long term can help institutions emerge on a stronger footing from today’s challenges and brace for those of the future. We provide five inspiring case examples that prove a transformation approach is not only possible but also essential for the long-term success of institutions. Access

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Friday, March 12 2021

Colleges and universities strive to meet the needs of all students by providing access to the latest learning tools and resources. For remote learning, you need the technology and inspiration to creatively transform the classroom and campus while keeping students connected and engaged.Microsoft is committed to helping you navigate this challenge. We've put together a handful of resources to help you reimagine events and classes in a digital world and prepare you for success.  Access

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Wednesday, February 24 2021

The Eighth Edition of CIC's fact sheet, “Student Debt: Know the Facts” contains new research to set the record straight by countering myths and providing facts about student debt. Access.

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Wednesday, February 17 2021

The law firm of Stevens & Lee and the APCU strategic partner Academic Innovators have completed a series of complimentary on-demand webinars that are now available to APCU presidents. The introductory webinar addresses how to effectively evaluate post-pandemic survival strategies. The other webinars address four potential survival strategies, from remaining independent, to considering partnerships, mergers, and even closure. You can view any (or all) of the five webinars by clicking Access. When prompted for a password, enter 'EdWeb2020'. 

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Monday, January 25 2021

College and university efforts to support greater mental health and well-being were already increasing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past decade, several presidents, chancellors, and provosts appointed mental health task forces and produced public-facing task force reports. This report analyzes and synthesizes 16 of those reports to surface general operating procedures and common themes across task force recommendations. Interviews and insights from 10 task force leaders also inform the considerations. Access.

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Wednesday, January 20 2021

Last year tested colleges and universities in unparalleled ways; we expect to see the impacts for a longtime to come. In our view, revenue forecast updates and management teams' ability to adjust budgets will remain critical. We enter 2021 with 39% of our rated colleges and universities on negative outlook, highlighting our opinion that the increasing pressures in the sector will continue to stress the lower end of the rating spectrum or schools that were already struggling operationally pre-COVID. Access.

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