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Study USA

The Study U.S.A. program is administered by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s official sponsor for cultural relations and educational opportunities around the world. The program allows the best and brightest college students from Northern Ireland to study abroad at participating Presbyterian, Catholic, and Methodist-related colleges and universities in the United States each year. 

APCU member institutions that choose to participate in the Study U.S.A. program become eligible to nominate their own students for up to a year of study in Northern Ireland through a reciprocal program called Irish American Scholars. More than 2,100 students have participated in these complementary programs since 1994.

Program History

The Study USA program was created through the peace and reconciliation work done by Presbyterian and Catholic church leaders in the Northern Ireland during the early 1990s. The program was officially endorsed by President Bill Clinton in March 1995 through a letter to Reverend Henry Postel, Chair of the Northern Ireland Working Group in the Presbyterian Church USA, and member of the Inter Church Committee on Northern Ireland.

Originally known as the Business Education Initiative, the program was designed to help participating students in business majors experience and appreciate different culturals, faith traditions and academic programs. Given the dramatic changes in the economic climate of Northern Ireland, the Study USA program was recently expanded to also include students in STEM-related programs.

Participation Requirements

An APCU member institutions interesting in being part of the Study USA program must agree to:

  1. Host a Study USA student for a full academic year 
  2. Waive the cost of tuition (and insurance) for the student
  3. Require the student to return to Northern Ireland for the following academic year 

For complete program information, consult the Study USA Handbook.

Annual Study USA Timeline

Students at Northern Ireland universities are required to apply for Study USA consideration by early December each year. Candidates are then evaluated by the British Council on the basis of their academic achievement, personal characteristics and a potential match with one or more U.S. institutions.

Placement interviews are conducted by the executive director of the APCU in early March. Participating APCU institutions are then notified about placements for the following academic year in early April. 

To learn more about opportunities for APCU member institutions to participate in the Study USA program, contact Janna Wofford in the APCU Office.

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