Tahoe Semester Application

The Tahoe Semester is open to undergraduate students enrolled at church-related colleges and universities who have achieved sophomore standing. Students must verify that they are also in good academic standing at their home institution and must agree to abide by the policies detailed in the Tahoe Semester Guidebook. ‚ÄčIn addition to completing the Tahoe Semester Application, you must provide an official academic transcript. If you would like to be considered for need-based financial assistance, you must also provide a financial aid transcript. The Tahoe Semester application and all accompanying documents must be submitted 60 days prior to the start of the semester for which you would like to be considered. If you cannot be accommodated for your first choice semester, you will be placed on a wait-list for a future semester.
Have you achieved sophomore standing at your college/university?(Required)
For which semester would you like to be considered? (choose only one)(Required)
If you cannot be accommodated for your chosen semester, would you like to be considered for a future semester?(Required)
Would you like to be considered for need-based financial aid?(Required)
In 500 words or less, describe your reason(s) for wanting to participate in the Tahoe Semester. Please address what you hope to take away from this experience--personally and academically--and what you will be able to contribute as a participant. (If you prefer not to utilize this field, your response can be submitted as a PDF attachment with your other required documentation.)
In addition to submitting this application, you are required to submit an official academic transcript from your home institution and two letters of recommendation. The letters should come from faculty members and/or advisors who are familiar with your interests and academic goals. The transcript and letters should be sent via email to the following address as a single PDF attachment: tahoe@presbyteriancolleges.org
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