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Tuition Exchange Program

The Association of Presbyterian Colleges & Universities sponsors a tuition exchange program for employees and their families at participating APCU member institutions. This program allows family members studying at a participating APCU college or university to enroll at another APCU institution where there may be distinctive programs available that would enhance the learning experience.


Full-time faculty and staff at participating schools, along with their dependents and spouses, may participate in the Tuition Exchange Program. The college or university where the faculty or staff member is employed must confirm the eligibility of the person applying for tuition benefits at another institution.

A student is considered a dependent if he or she meets the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. A host school may withdraw benefits if a qualifying employee ceases to be employed full-time at his or her home institution.

Qualifications for admission

Generally students must be enrolled full-time and meet the admission requirements of the host school. Students are subject to the host school's academic and social regulations. The host school reserves the right to refuse admission to programs where enrollment is at capacity or to limit the number of students from other institutions.

Tuition exchange benefit

The host school will waive the full tuition amount for students admitted through the Tuition Exchange Program. Part of this amount may be offset through other financial aid as described below. This benefit will continue as long as a student remains in good standing with the host school and meets all other eligibility requirements. Students are responsible for other expenses including books, fees and room and board.

Other financial aid

A student is required to apply for any tuition grants (state, federal or other) for which he or she is eligible. Such aid will be applied to the cost of tuition at the host school. Students who demonstrate need beyond tuition may receive other forms of financial aid according to the guidelines of the host school.

Other requirements

Schools may impose additional restrictions and requirements. A complete description can be found on the APCU Tuition Exchange Requirements document.

Living arrangements

Students will usually live in college residences, though residence space is not guaranteed. Where space is available, students will be subject to the residential requirements of the host school.

How to apply

A student should consult the list of participating schools and then initiate contact with the person named by the institution to which he or she is applying. The student should explain that admission is being sought under the APCU Tuition Exchange Program. Each student must present a letter from the home college or university certifying his or her eligibility for the program. Students are responsible for submitting any other forms and financial aid information required by the host school. The host school will inform the student if he or she has been accepted for admission through the Tuition Exchange Program. Students must confirm their eligibility each year.

Eligibility deadline

Institutions will decide no later than April 15th whether to accept new students for the following school year.

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