Choosing a School

Preparing for Your Journey

Your experience as a college student will directly reflect the amount of time and effort you invest in selecting the college or university that represents the “best fit” for you. And remember, while there are abundant online resources to help you assess your options, there’s still no substitute for actually spending time on a college campus.

To help you decide which Presbyterian-founded college or university is right for you, consider the following items carefully and use them as a template to evaluate the type of programming and environment that will ensure a great college experience:

  • Size (overall enrollment, classes)
  • Distance from home (transportation options)
  • Setting (rural, small town, big city)
  • Curriculum/majors (and flexibility)
  • Co-curricular options (facilities/activities)
  • Diversity—students and faculty
  • Support resources (academic, personal health)
  • Room & board options (single, double, quad)
  • Social/political/faith climates
  • Estimated cost (after financial aid is awarded)
  • Value (return on your investment)
  • Does it feel right to you?