Future APCU Retreat Considerations

The recent APCU Presidents & Chaplains Retreat at the Zephyr Point Conference Center on Lake Tahoe ended up being successful in spite of challenging weather conditions. However, declining participation by APCU member presidents in the wake of the pandemic has prompted us to ask for input on various considerations related to the annual Presidents Retreat.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey that will enable us to incorporate your ideas and preferences into our planning process. Results of the survey will be shared with you along with the decisions that result from it related to future APCU Retreats.

Survey Questions:

1. Retreat Timing(Required)
Which of the following options would be most attractive regarding the scheduling the Presidents Retreat (check all that apply):
2. Retreat Venue(Required)
Which of the following settings would have a positive impact on your attendance at future Retreats (check one or more):

3. Retreat Components(Required)
Which of the components do you consider when deciding to attend the Presidents Retreat (check all that apply):
4. Retreat Experience(Required)
Which of the following options describes your previous Retreat participation?
Which of the Retreat components are most influential to your decision? Which is least influential? What components need to be adjusted to make the Retreat more appealing?
Please provide a brief explanation about why you have or have not attended an APCU Presidents Retreat. (Honest, direct feedback is appreciated.)

5. Retreat Registration Cost
Assuming that the Retreat program is both interesting and relevant, and that the Retreat location is both accessible and affordable, a Retreat registration fee of $500–in addition to travel costs–would be regarded as:
6. Other Conferences(Required)
Which of the following conferences do you attend on a regular basis (check all that apply):

7. Presbyterian Affiliation(Required)
How valuable is your institution’s affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA)?
8. Presidential Tenure(Required)
Please tell us how long you’ve served as president at your current institution:
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.