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APCU Programs and Services

The APCU offers an evolving range of programs and services to support the work of our member institutions. In addition to these "in-house" offerings, the APCU also partners with a range of higher education-focused providers to secure special discounts and unique product offerings that help our members address mission-critical functions.


Awareness & Communication

A key function of the APCU is to promote its member institutions to all relevant constituencies—particularly college-bound students and their families. This is done through the development (and management) of direct marketing (student search) campaigns that target dozens of Presbyterian congregations and thousands of Presbyterian students each year who participate the college search process.   

In addition, the APCU promotes the activities and accomplishments of its schools through the Presbyterian Church (USA), higher education media outlets, and its own monthly e-newsletter.  In addition, the APCU maintains a continuous online presence through its website and LinkedIn. The Association also exhibits at key church events such as the General Assembly and hosts a College Fair at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium where APCU member institutions are able to interact with more than 4,000 Presbyterian high school students.

Conferences & Meetings

The APCU hosts an annual Presidents’ Conference that addresses a variety of relevant topics impacting the success of our member institutions. In addition to featuring nationally-recognized speakers, the conference showcases best practices across our member institutions, provides opportunities for collaboration and fellowship, and highlights pertinent offerings from an invited group of higher education service providers. 

In addition to the Presidents’ Conference, the APCU hosts a meeting and reception each year at the CIC Presidents Institute and the CIC Institute for Chief Academic Officers.  The APCU recently absorbed the Presbyterian College Chaplains Association (PCCA) in order to offer additional workshops and webinars on topics such as interfaith relations, spiritual formation models, and the Presbyterian perspective on vocation. 

Consulting & Advising 

The APCU recently launched a Peer Advising Network designed to help APCU member institutions address significant institutional challenges in a low-cost, confidential manner by drawing on the knowledge and experience of seasoned APCU colleagues. The Network is designed to serve as an alternative to expensive (and more extensive) engagements with external higher education consulting firms. This peer-to-peer approach to advising/consulting is driven by a sense of commitment to the success of a fellow APCU institution rather than a profit-centered motive. It also offers the benefit of being delivered by someone who currently “walks in the shoes” of the client and understands the current higher ed climate—as well as the specific circumstances that may frame a particular dilemma.

In addition, the APCU offers a mentoring service that create opportunities for meaningful relationships to develop between existing (veteran) APCU presidents and new APCU presidents. These relationships will help the APCU community remain strong by allowing existing members of the community to provide support and encouragement to the newest members as they attempt to strengthen their respective institutions. In addition, the mentoring relationships provide a direct channel of communications with new presidents that can be used to reinforce the value of the APCU community.


PCUSA Agency Services 

Through its covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church (USA), the APCU is pleased to deliver the expertise and resources of key PCUSA Agencies to APCU member institutions. This includes a range of programs and services that have traditionally been available only to PCUSA churches and the church officials (and their families) serving those churches:

  • The Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program (PILP) offers low-interest loans to APCU members to fund construction or purchase of buildings, renovations to the physical plant, and even refinancing of existing debt.
  • The Presbyterian Foundation offers APCU members a range of investment options designed to produce income now and for generations to come, using experienced investment managers and a spending formula based on total return policy. 
  • The Presbyterian Board of Pensions offers pension, medical, and death and disability benefits; financial assistance; and educational programs to church-related organizations, including APCU member institutions.
  • The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation publishes academic and professional books related to theology, biblical studies, preaching, worship, ethics, religion and culture, and other related fields for scholars and students at APCU colleges and universities, and at Presbyterian seminaries and divinity schools.   

Insurance and Risk Management

The APCU enables a full range of insurance and risk management vehicles to be made available to members at negotiated rates through Educational and Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA).  EIIA members include nearly 240 colleges, universities and seminaries affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the American Baptist Church. The combined resources of these institutions give EIIA the purchasing power of a Fortune 200 company.

As a not-for-profit consortium focused exclusively on higher education, EIIA is able to minimize costs while providing broader insurance coverage than institutions could provide on their own. Equally valuable are the various risk management services offered through EIIA that are designed specifically for the types of events, travel experiences and on-campus programs peculiar to colleges and universities. The executive director of the APCU holds a permanent position on the EIIA Board of Directors.

Irish American Scholars Program

College and universities that agree to host students through the British Council's Study USA Initiative (below) can send up to two students each year to study in Northern Ireland as Irish American Scholars. The students must be juniors or seniors with at least a 3.2 GPA. If accepted, they will attend one of the following schools:

•   Belfast Metropolitan College
•   Queens University Belfast
•   Stranmillis University College

•   St. Mary’s University College
•   University of Ulster


Study U.S.A.

Every year 100 students from Northern Ireland spend their junior year in the United States studying at Presbyterian, Catholic and Methodist colleges through the Study USA Program. The program grew out of the involvement of U.S. Presbyterians and Catholics in Northern Ireland’s peace process during the early 1990s. Schools that host BEI students agree to waive their tuition. Other expenses, including room, board and mandatory fees, are paid by the government of Northern Ireland.

Tuition Exchange Program 

The APCU offers a Tuition Exchange Program for employees and their families at participating member institutions. The program is available to full-time faculty and staff, as well as their dependents and spouses. Generally, participating students must be enrolled full-time and meet the admission requirements of the host school. Students are also subject to the host school's academic and social regulations. 

The host school agrees to waive the full tuition amount for students admitted through the Tuition Exchange Program. Some portion of this amount may be offset through financial aid available to the participating student. Therefore, the student will be required to submit appropriate financial aid forms, such as the FAFSA. The tuition waiver will continue as long as a student remains in good standing with the host school and meets all other eligibility requirements. Students are responsible for other expenses including books, fees and room and board. Currently, 38 APCU member institutions participate in the Exchange Program. 

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