2023 APCU Presidents/Chaplains Retreat

Sunset over Lake Tahoe as viewed from the porch of the APCU hospitality cabin at Zephyr Point.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys of Today’s Higher Education Climate

The 2023 APCU Presidents and Chaplains Retreat definitely had it’s share of peaks and valleys! The peaks were centered on the great professional development opportunities that were shared through our sessions and workshops. The valleys centered on the weather in and around Lake Tahoe, which posed it’s share of challenges for Retreat attendees.

In the end, the Retreat proved to be a great opportunity to learn from colleagues, enjoy some healthy fellowship, and strengthen the bonds that unite us across our diverse academic, social and faith climates. A few highlights from the Retreat are shared below.

David Williams describes the “Tahoe Semester 2.0” concept.

The lakeside cabins were accessible despite 5 feet of snow.

Discussing the future of higher ed or their favorite IPA?

Strategic conversations between partners and presidents.

An elevated walkway rises above the snow at Zephyr Point.

The dock and swimming area were rather quiet during our time at Zephyr Point…

Clearing a path through record amounts of snow.

Zephyr’s “stairway to heaven”.

Accessing the Portal of Prayer will have to wait for the spring thaw…

Lamont Anthony Wells addresses the tension between spiritual development and institutional health.

From a few inches to several feet, icicles were plentiful.

The APCU hospitality cabin provided a cozy setting for evening fellowship.