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Deloitte: 2024 Higher Education Trends

The higher education sector has been facing financial and demographic challenges for over a decade, with peak enrollment of high school students predicted as soon as 2025.5 The past year’s… Read More

Credo: FAFSA Strategy to Support Student Success

Delays in the release of the FAFSA and the distribution of information necessary for financial aidawarding are a hot topic across higher education currently. Concerns about how this will impactadmissions… Read More

Current Term Enrollment Estimates: Fall 2023

The latest National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report reveals positive news for higher education, with undergraduate enrollment growing 1.2% and graduate enrollment growing 0.6%. Among the three largest sectors, growth… Read More

2024 Higher Education Trend Watch

This report focuses on the workforce, cultural, and technological shifts for seven macro trends that are continuing or emerging in higher education in 2024. Across these three areas of shift,… Read More