APCU Sustainability Initiative

The APCU is developing a structured methodology to foster collaboration and innovation in addressing sustainability challenges across our member campuses. By building on the capabilities of the Nuventive Improvement Platform and leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of APCU members, the proposed methodology will facilitate the sharing of effective practices and a growing knowledge ecosystem informed by relevant data from multiple sources and “know-how” from APCU members to foster ongoing positive impact on campus sustainability efforts.

To determine the current state of affairs on APCU campuses related to sustainability, we invite each member institution’s chief sustainability officer (or point person) to complete the following survey. This information will be used to help us focus the Sustainability Initiative on the topics, projects, and resources that will have the greatest value to our members.

Sustainability Survey

Please answer the following questions and provide as much information as possible to assist in the planning and development of the APCU Sustainability Initiative.


Assessment of Sustainability Progress

What are the primary motives for your interest in sustainability? (Check all that apply.)(Required)
Please indicate your primary areas of sustainability interest and/or focus (check all that apply):(Required)
How many full-time staff are dedicated to sustainability at your institution?(Required)
Do have a budget line to support sustainability? If so, please indicate the size of that line:(Required)
Please indicate if your institution is currently engaged with any of these organizations:
Please indicate if your institution submits data for the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS)
Please indicate if your institution has established a GHG Inventory Baseline: