Academic Search: Innovations in Coaching (part 2)

In the second session, scheduled for Tuesday, December 5 at 3:00 p.m. EST, Dr. Steven E. Titus is joined by Dr. Chris R. Groscurth to examine the evolving landscape of executive coaching in the context of higher education. Through a systematic utilization of assessment tools, executive coaches work alongside institutional leaders to identify and leverage their distinctive strengths. You will also explore the leader-first approach embraced by Academic Search coaches.

APCU Presbyterian Leadership Development Institute

The Leadership Institute provides an opportunity for aspiring leaders at APCU schools to evaluate their individual skills, gifts, and calling against the leadership needs of a rapidly evolving higher education landscape while also exploring of the role of faith-based leadership in the Presbyterian context. For additional information about the dates, format and take-aways, click the link below.

Defending Against Deception: Strategies to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Over the last decade, EIIA Members have been battling phishing claims. Even after implementing robust prevention policies, the frequency of these costly avoidable claims is still concerning. Please join EIIA and the Crime insurance carrier, Berkley, as we delve into real-life claims, prevention strategies to institute campus-wide, and actionable steps if your institution falls victim to a phishing attack.

APCU Breakfast at the CIC Presidents Institute

The APCU will host a breakfast on January 6th for member presidents and Strategic Partner representatives in attendance at the 2024 CIC Presidents Institute at the Diplomate Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida. The breakfast provides an opportunity for two important constituencies of the APCU to catch-up on APCU news and enjoy some fellowship in the midst of the Presidents Institute.